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OSEAS which is an acronym for OverSeas Educational AdviserS is a Professional Educator's Group within NAFSA: Association of International Educators. Members of NAFSA advise international students within the United States, while OSEAS advisers focus on advising students, scholars outside the U.S. on study opportunities in the U.S.

OSEAS-Europe, one of the OSEAS regions, is a professional community of European advisers specializing in U.S. higher education and working in university-based offices, Fulbright Commissions, binational educational foundations and in offices of non-profit organizations.

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* The 7th OSEAS-Europe Conference: Nicosia, Cyprus - July 18-23, 2001

* Bulletin Board: news, deadlines, reminders

*What is OSEAS-Europe?
*OSEAS-Europe conferences (and OSEAS-Europe at NAFSA conferences)
*Virtual Professional Development Workshop
*Virtual Educational Advising Office
*Real advising offices in Europe
*REAC/Europe and REAC/NIS, and other organizations, offices supporting advising in Europe
*Information on European and NIS educational systems
*Other links: Internet resources in educational advising

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